Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I'm running the character funnel for DCC RPG tonight, and for one of the rooms I came up with this alternative to "slay the monsters, get the loot." Just something a little different that might bring a spark of inspiration to you.

As the door swings inward, a blaze of light shines ahead. The entrance room of a great hall lies within. Large, ornately carved wooden pillars reach from floor to high-vaulted ceiling. A trio of small, flaming creatures with eyes made of shadow peers at you from the center of the hall. The tops of their heads burn like the flame of a candle. In their glowing, spindly hands they hold bows of pale wood and each has a quiver of arrows on their winged back. 

"Join us?"
"Yes, join us!'
"For a game?"
"A game!"
"Do you shoot?"
"Can you shoot?
"Will you shoot with us?"
"Don't shoot us!"
"Hit the target!"
"The target!"
"We'll show you how!"
"The way!"
"The way through!"
"If you shoot."
"If you win!"
"You need a champion!"
"A champion!"
"The champion!"
"Many champions!"
"A big tournament!"
"A big game!"
"The big game!"

(1) The sprites desire an archery tournament. The target DC's are: Outer - AC 10 (1 point), Inner AC 13 (5 points), Center AC 15 (10 points), Bull's Eye AC 17 (20 points). Three shots each. (2) There is a 1 in 4 chance that the sprites will light any arrow in flight on fire out of amusement. (3) There are three tunnels leading from this room. Only by winning against the sprites will they point the way.