Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mindscape: Desert Ruins

Since I'm so fond of music and art, I thought I'd put together a feature I call Mindscape. I post some landscape art and a soundtrack to go with it, and hopefully you get inspired for a cool location, character or adventure!

This is a desert Mindscape. It may have something to do with the setting I'm working on right now... The music is from the game Journey. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bonuses for High Ability Scores

How should they be handled? Some games make you feel that in order to be a 'real' warrior, thief, what have you, you need to have a high ability score that lets you access that class's coolest features. When I say high, I'm talking 17 or 18 in a 3D6 system. If you take a look at old school games (I'm currently running DCC RPG), what kinds of perks can you give to characters who roll high in a 3D6 in order system without making characters who don't roll high feel inadequate in their class?

I think the key is having those perks open up more options for the character, rather than grant a direct bonus of some kind. When I say options, I mean situational possibilities. Something like this: a warrior with 17+ Strength may attempt to use his bare hands to crush the skull of his opponent (if humanoid) with a DC 20 Strength check after a successful grapple. 

Personally, this is the kind of thing I find exciting, and much more interesting than 'warriors with 17+ Strength get +2 to damage.' And if you're designing a setting with sub-races (human or otherwise), these 'high-score perks' can vary to reflect the style of each individual culture, so you're not only acknowledging a high score with a cool option, you're further embellishing the setting you've lovingly hand-crafted (probably). 

The great thing about old school games is that this kind of creativity is not only possible, it's encouraged!

On another note: as is wont to happen, the busy schedules among players have caused my grandiose plans for my Yekkislovia campaign to come tumbling down. However, there is another exciting setting in the works. Expect to read about (and see) it soon!