Friday, 25 January 2013

Xeria: Xerin Occupation Chart

The proud, dark Xerins are a race descended from the ancient rulers of the desert. Their knowledge of magic and the crafting of magical artifacts has been lost to the drifting desert sands, and their people are scattered, wandering the land in nomadic tribes or bandit groups. A gypsy people, the Xerins spend much of their time telling stories over the strum of a guitar, a skin of spiced wine in hand. Their one permanent camp is located in the Red Hills, and it is here that they practice the only remembered skill of the ancient Xerin civilization -- the breeding of horses. These Horses of Kings are sought after by each of the other races, and are highly valued among merchants, warriors and nobles alike.

Xerin Occupation Chart (1d20)

  1. Outlaw (bow, leather armour)
  2. Reader (staff, deck of cards)
  3. Ostler (staff, bridle)
  4. Cook  (cleaver as axe, hot spices)
  5. Drinker (broken bottle as dagger, skin of moonshine)
  6. Herdsman (staff, lasso)
  7. Healer (knife as dagger, bandages)
  8. Horse Breeder/Trader's Apprentice (bow, horse)
  9. Guitar Player (dagger, guitar)
  10. Storyteller's Apprentice (bow, flint and steel)
  11. Outrider (bow, horse)
  12. Camp Guard (long knife as shortsword, bone whistle) 
  13. Weaver (scissors as dagger, canvas, 2 yards)
  14. Bowyer and Fletcher (bow, light wood, 10 lbs.)
  15. Leatherworker (awl as dagger, 3 hides)
  16. Potter (clay knife as dagger, wine jar)
  17. Desert Guide (bow, large waterskin)
  18. Hunter (bow, bag of feathers)
  19. Gypsy (long knife as shortsword, dancing scarves)
  20. Caravan Driver (long knife as shortsword, lamp)