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125 Character Roleplay Challenges

'Witch of Endor' by Nikolai Ge
I believe interesting roleplay can be achieved by setting a challenge for characters, a limitation of some kind. Alignment is the default roleplay challenge in the game but that's just the starting point.
Whenever my players make new characters, I have them take a look at this chart I made for inspiration (if they want it). Some of these are obviously more challenging than others, so I leave it up to the players to decide what they take on. The rolling is there for fun/convenience. (None of these challenges should get in the way of approaching the game in a smart way as a player, but should rather make certain choices more interesting.) These could serve as inspiration for NPCs, too.
Note: the rolling method below does not give results even probability. If using an online dice-roller, just roll 1d125. For even probability, use this formula: (1d10/2) • 25 + (1d10/2) • 5 + (1d10/2) + 1.  The first die roll is telling you whether to pick the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth group of 25 options. The second die roll tells you which group of 5 to choose within that group of 25. The final die roll tells you which one to choose in the group of 5. The 1 at the end is because humans start counting at 1, not 0. (thanks to /u/Zenocrate for the dice maths)
/u/Fenind3745 has made an awesome PDF version of the table. Get it here. (printer-friendly version here)

Roll d100 + d6
(if d6 is even, add +25 to roll)
1. Addicted to substance
64. Hates magic
2. Kleptomaniac
65. Obsessed with magic
3. Hatred/fear of killing
66. Bad manners/vulgar
4. Expensive taste
67. Leaves no one behind
5. Too proud to ask for help
68. Fears the gods
6. Doesn't know the common tongue
69. Superstitious
7. Never refuses a challenge/extremely competitive
70. Obsessed with a god
8. Has an injury
71. Receives visions (insane)
9. Owes a large debt
72. Fugitive
10. In love/heartbroken
73. Haunted
11. Fear of common hazard (fire, water, heights, animals, darkness, insects, magic)
74. Hunted by something/believes they are being hunted by something
12. Moral code
75. Secretly evil (and must keep it a secret)
13. Magical curse (inhibits certain type of interaction, action, or activity)
76. Prophesied to die soon by a fortune teller and believes it
14. Has a terrible secret/not who they claim to be
77. Servant to a hidden master
15. Has a great past sorrow
78. Multiple personalities
16. Irresponsible with money
79. Socially inept
17. Trusts nobody
80. Dormant behavioural conditioning program
18. Responsible for a dependant
81. Traditionalist
19. Apologist/condoning
82. Conspiracy theorist
20. Responsible for a terrible event
83. Brainwashed
21. Blames something or someone for a great sorrow
84. Naive
22. Breaks hearts
85. Father/parent complex
23. Faints at the sight of blood
86. Collector
24. In love with someone horrible or forbidden
87. Obsessed with fitness
25. Desires an honourable death
88. Terrible liar
26. No sense of smell
89. Illiterate
27. Blind
90. Extremely shy
28. Obsessed with justice
91. Overconfident/arrogant
29. Hunts a certain type of foe
92. Self-deprecating
30. Plagued by nightmares
93. Fiery temper/anger issues
31. Parties too hard/over-indulgent
94. Trusting
32. Easily seduced
95. Hypochondriac
33. Compulsive liar
96. Oblivious
34. Extremely greedy/will do anything for money
97. Chronic illness
35. Puritanical
98. Monstrously ugly
36. Fears building close relationships
99. Painfully beautiful
37. Thrill-seeker
100. Social conformist
38. Bloodlust
101. Authority issues
39. Obsessed with personal hygiene
102. Was involved in a huge scandal
40. Attracts a lot of attention (gigantism, towering height, dwarfism, exotic features, albinism, unusual/flamboyant fashion choices, booming/piercing voice, distinct loud laugh, exhibitionist, has ravenous fans/followers)
103. Notorious
41. Extremely vain
104. Self-righteous
42. Altruistic
105. Avenging
43. Devoted to one of the player characters
106. Pretender/heir to distant throne or ruined kingdom
44. Pyromaniac
107. Impoverished noble
45. Psychological trauma
108. Dependant upon an item for an ability score/incredibly weak without a certain item
46. Hears voices
109. Suffers from chronic pain (magical or non-magical)
47. No patience/impulsive
110. Constantly seeks out fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers, good luck charms
48. Paranoid
111. Once-powerful demon cursed with mortality and stripped of all powers
49. Running from the past
112. Takes up a new hobby every adventure
50. Pet collector/animal-lover
113. Taken a vow of silence
51. Pack rat/hoarder
114. Hand-makes everything
52. Ritualistic (by choice, conforming, or magically compelled)
115. Keeps a chronicle of heroic events, exaggerating the details
53. Needs medicine to live
116. Composes short poems about party successes and failures
54. Absent-minded (randomly forgets/loses things)
117. Failed minstrel
55. Addicted to gambling
118. Prone to jealousy of others' success
56. Swore an oath about one of the party members (in regard to enemies, treasure, or magic)
119. Contempt for nobility
57. Only eats a certain food
120. Contempt for the comforts of civilization
58. Needs certain conditions to sleep (certain item(s), can't sleep alone, etc.)
121. Craves creature comforts
59. Vendetta against type of monster
122. Outwardly curses the gods
60. Very fat
123. Secretly much too young for adventuring
61. Very old
124. Romanticizes everything
62. Deaf
125. Reads signs and omens
63. Fears magic


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