Friday, 14 September 2018

40 NPC 'Details of Wonder' to Hook the Players

'The Alchemist' - Dulac
Here's a list of 40 details to make players curious about an NPC, based on my Threads of Wonder method. I generally give all of my notable NPCs one of these details so as to entice the players into approaching the NPC of their own accord.

Roll 1d20 on Table A or Table B.
Table A

Table B
1. Big scar

1. Causes fear or awe in other NPCs
2. Odd habit

2. Publicly recounts a strange or harrowing tale
3. Strange outfit

3. Publicly recounts a mighty deed
4. Exotic appearance

4. Boasts about personal skill
5. Speaks a strange or foreign language

5. Dirt poor
6. Curious item

6. Fabulously rich
7. Tattoo

7. Extremely flamboyant
8. Insignia or coat of arms

8. Excessively filthy
9. Uniform

9. Unusual beauty
10. Bruise or injury

10. Strange or magical aura
11. Strange or suspicious behaviour

11. Ignorant of local customs
12. Nervousness

12. Buys a round of drinks
13. Great or terrible mood

13. Sends a gift to the PCs or another NPC
14. Weird dialogue

14. Begging for help
15. Missing items usually worn

15. Warning people against something
16. Sickness of some kind

16. Leaves an item behind
17. Staring at the player characters

17. Trying to get rid of something

18. Ignoring the PCs

18. Advertising something
19. Mysterious or suspicious stains on clothing

19. Performing
20. Secret or unknowable knowledge about the PCs

20. Searching for something

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